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Benefits of Drone Photography in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is one of the most challenging industries today. Now that it’s become more common for buyers to search for properties online, it can be tough to stand out or make a good first impression with more traditional professional real estate photography. But thanks to advancements in imaging technology, real estate photographers can now capture homes from a unique perspective.

Before the birth of consumer camera drones, aerial images were captured using costly methods. You’d have to hire a helicopter to fly you around and use expensive photography equipment to get good shots. As a result, only high-end properties were frequently marketed using aerial real estate images.

But now that drones have become portable, affordable, and customizable, it’s become a trendy tool in real estate marketing. It’s finally possible for anybody to achieve fantastic bird’s-eye view shots of their property — that is after the drone has been registered and the drone operator has acquired the permit for professional use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UASs).

Today, drones and the internet are considered to be two of the most important technologically advanced innovations to enter real estate marketing. Drone photography has not only made listings stand out among the rest, but also helps secure sales.

Here at Midge & Co we are excited to be able to provide the most innovative marketing tools available to our clients, with the new drone photography/videos being just one of MANY services we offer our clients! (Learn more about our Marketing Innovation HERE)

Let’s review how drone photography is benefitting real estate agents, sellers & buyers everywhere…

Produces Compelling Images

Perhaps the best reason why anybody would want to see aerial photos is that it generates interest from its viewers. Drones make it very easy to create dramatic shots using integrated features like automatic point-of-interest camera targeting, making for professional real estate photos that will be more attractive to buyers.

Highlights More Property Features

With drones, you can easily take photos of backyards, walking paths, pools, the landscaping, and other property features that are important to many buyers and would normally require multiple photos to cover.

Helps You Stand Out

Although real estate drone photography is becoming more popular, there are still a lot of listings that settle with ground-based images. Adding great-looking drone shots to your set will make yours more informative, thus helping your listing stand out among competitors.

Attracts Clients

When you show the real estate market that you can produce fantastic aerial images and effectively represent a property, there’s a big chance that you’ll end up impressing more real estate agents and homeowners who might end up contacting you for more business opportunities.

Saves Money

Gone are the days when real estate agents had to bag high standing properties in order to get the chance to take aerial shots with helicopters and incredibly long zoom lenses. Now even regular homeowners can afford drone shots to help sell their properties—and for an affordable price.

Examples of Midge & Co Listings w/Drone Marketing

1. Commercial Listing: 7635 W. Houghton Lake Dr. MLS: 201803179

2. Lakefront Listing: 11910 West Shore Dr. MLS: 201802940

3. Canal Front Listing: 120 Tuscaroras Trl. MLS: 201803239

4. Listing w/Acerage & Pond: 9925 W. Houghton Lake Dr. MLS: 201802722

5. (Commercial) Campground Listing: 997 Federal MLS: 201802023

6. Lakefront Listing: 408 Clearview Dr. MLS: 201803264

7. Residential Listing: 13293 West Shore Dr. MLS: 201802810

8. (Commercial) Golf Course Listing: 4345 Redwood MLS: 201803156

9. Lakefront Listing: 219 Pine Bluff MLS: 201802526

10. Residential Listing: 3235 School Rd MLS: 201803301

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