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Houghton Lake and Grayling Real Estate Professionals

Midge & Co. has served Central Michigan for over 20 years. Our independent, locally owned agency covers the unique, beautiful areas around Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake, Lake Margarthe and Lake James.

As a veteran Houghton Lake realtor, Midge & Co. has a keen understanding of the homes in our region, and the lure of lakefront living. We’ve helped thousands of people and families navigate the unique terrain of Houghton Lake real estate to find new, long-lasting homes. As the leading Grayling realtor, Midge & Co. has helped homeowners start new lives among the charms of small-town living.

Midge & Co. caters to buyers and sellers of Grayling and Houghton Lake real estate with our thoughtful, friendly agents, detail-oriented staff and complete service with fair fees and no corporate charges. Whether you’re moving in or looking to sell, Midge & Co. will help you get the most from the lake way of life.

Buying with Midge & Co.

Lakefront living is a dream for many homebuyers, but a reality for only a few. Owning a house surrounded by natural beauty can be an affordable luxury and a rock-solid investment, but certain considerations with lakefront properties make the buying process unique and complex.

The realtors of Midge & Co. are experts on lakefront life. Our experience in Houghton Lake real estate gives us insights into the aspects of living on the water and surrounding cities. Midge & Co.'s agents' deep connection with Houghton Lake and Grayling real estate has helped hundreds of new homebuyers become locals in this scenic, in-demand part of Central Michigan.

Midge & Co. agents believe the face-to-face approach is the surest way to find the Grayling and Houghton Lake homes for sale our clients look for. We offer personal service with no nonsense, no added corporate fees, and a dedication to helping buyers find their dream homes.

Buying a Home

Whether they’re a first-time buyer or a current owner looking to upgrade or downsize, purchasing a home is usually one of the most major investments of one’s life. As such, it’s not a process that can be completed quickly with a handshake. It’s a series of incremental tasks that demand time and close attention.

  • Evaluate what you can afford. Take stock of your current financial situation to determine what type of property you can comfortably acquire. With the help of a qualified expert, you may be surprised by the price range you can afford.
  • Line up financing. Research lenders and banks to arrange for a loan on a mortgage. If this process is completely new to you, seek the advice of others—especially professionals like real estate agents or mortgage companies—to find the most reputable lending companies to deal with.
  • Prepare a down payment. Analyze your current assets and living situation to determine how much you reasonably can pay upfront.
  • Survey the market. Taking your goals and affordability into consideration, an agent researches the local market, provide accurate price comparisons, schedule personal showings, and analyze how owning specific properties will impact your finances over the long term.
  • Make an offer. When you’ve found the home you want, your agent can draw up the necessary documentation for a contract of sale or a purchase agreement. A realtor can also help you determine your negotiating leverage or guide you through unexpected setbacks and contingencies.
  • Inspect the property. Make sure you’re getting a home that’s worth the investment. A certified inspector checks the entire property for building flaws, repair needs, presence of noxious substances, and potential problems that could arise. Your real estate agent should have a ready list of inspectors they’ve worked with and trust.
  • Close the deal. After agreeing on a purchase price, sewing up mortgage arrangements, finalizing the sales contract and administering closing costs, it’s time to sign the papers and get your keys. But like every other part of the process, closing requires complete attention to ensure the deal is fair for all involved.

As a long-time Grayling and Houghton Lake realtor, Midge & Co. is thoroughly familiar with all facets of home buying. Contact us to help you find the best Houghton Lake and Grayling homes for sale.

Selling with Midge & Co.

Selling a home can be a complicated, epic process. Our remote location can make finding potential buyers difficult. The unusual character of local homes can also introduce some challenges in the legal and financial processes of home selling.

Midge & Co. has over 20 years of experience in Houghton Lake and Grayling real estate. We've helped scores of local sellers find perfect new owners for the properties they own and care about. Our agents know how to find “hidden” markets of homebuyers. Our relationships within the community connect us to prospective purchasers and other agents.

As an independent agency, we’re exclusively focused on homes in the Houghton Lake and Grayling areas. We offer one-on-one service and guidance through the steps of home selling, and always evaluate possible buyers to ensure you get a fair, straightforward price for your property with no hidden corporate fees.

Take the first step in home selling by contacting Midge & Co.

Selling a Home

The special qualities of Houghton Lake and Grayling homes for sale present some challenges in finding a suitable buyer. Each step in the selling process requires close and careful consideration.

  • Find an agent. A licensed realtor can be the difference-maker in getting you a fair market price for your home. They’ll evaluate what’s happening in your local market and determine the right time and conditions to sell.
  • Evaluate your home. Make certain what your house is worth by comparing the values and sale prices of similar homes in your area. Decide whether to make improvements or repairs to increase your home’s market value. Your realtor adds invaluable knowledge about the local market and current buying environment and trends.
  • Prepare and show your home. A real estate agent can get your home in ideal shape for in-person showings. They’ll also know how to showcase your home online with image galleries or virtual walking tours.
  • Consider bids and accept the final offer. You and your real estate agent consider whatever offers you receive and decide upon the fairest or most favorable to you.
  • Close the deal. After signing the purchase agreement, cooperating with the buyer’s inspection, and reviewing the final details, you’re ready to close. Your agent will help navigate any unforeseen, last minute hitches or remaining items.

Midge & Co. has handled the sale of over 4,000 local homes as a long-standing Houghton Lake and Grayling realtor. We know the complicated path of home selling and have solutions for each step.

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Here at Midge & Co, our experienced REALTORS not only live the "up north" lifestyle themselves, but have grown up in the area - so they know their way around. This gives us a unique perspective that our clients really appreciate.

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For us, we know Northern Michigan real estate is not a 9-5 job... we're here when you need us to ensure that you get the service and guidance you deserve when you've got a real estate need.

"Sold our house in 1 day"
Midge is very personal and great to work with!!! Sold our house in 1 day!!!! Gets back with always the same day.
"A great choice for your real estate needs"
Good work ethic and a great team! Each member is very personable and helpful. A great choice to handle Real Estate needs.
"Great hardworking staff"
Great hard working staff to give homeowners the opportunity to move thier homes yet getting what they want and need... Keep up the great work Midge & Co.
Love Midge & Co
Very friendly, knowledgeable and motivated agents! Love Midge & Co
"Excellent digital tools to support both buyers and sellers"
Sold our Houghton Lake home in less than a month. Midge was always available to walk us through the process and decisions. Excellent digital tools available to support both buyers and sellers that may not be in the area. Found us buyers that loved the home as much as we have. They seemed to...
"Midge is a true professional, a seller..."
Hey Houghton Lake home sellers! Don't be fooled by the guy that claims to be the best and has the most sales! There are "Listeners" and there are "Sellers". After wasting a full year with a "Lister" we went to Midge Rutter and her team. Within two weeks we had more showings on our home than we had...
"Friendly, very accommodating and patient"
Really like Midge & Co. pleasure to deal with, friendly, very accommodating and patient. We won't forget her, and she'll always be our recommendation.
"Very friendly and supportive team!"
We listed our home with Walea and had our first showing with an offer the very next day! The whole process was so smooth and went better than we could have imagined. She walked us through everything and explained every step along the way. Walea was always available for questions, advice and...
"Midge did whatever was necessary to make it happen"
My wife and I purchased property in the Houghton Lake/Prudenville area this past Summer and most of the "deal" had to be done while I was away on a business trip. Midge was great to work with and was there every step of the way to help my wife with the process and keep me informed of what was going...
"Willing to go the extra mile..."
We have worked with Midge for many years. Midge has always been available for showings when we asked and has led us through the buying process many times over. In fact, we have purchased and sold over $1,000,000.00 with Midge. We have always found Midge to be up-to-date, informative, supportive and...
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