Midge & Co Video Tour 529 E Houghton Lake Dr.

Check out this great office space for your business – 529 E. Houghton Lake Dr. Video Tour!

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The task of finding office space for your business or startup company may seem daunting, and one you’ve maybe been tempted to ignore. If you’re serious about your businesses success, that’s the worst possible thing you can do. If you’re ready for a legit office space Midge & Co has just what you’re looking for with this listing. 529 E. Houghton …

Tips For Preparing Your Home For An Inspection

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Whether you’re producing a seller’s home inspection for the buyer or expecting the buyer’s home inspector to show up on your doorsteps, it’s best to be thoroughly prepared. A home that has been lived in usually has damage that occurred from simply living in it, or additions or remodeling that weren’t permitted.  That’s why . Buyers usually get professional home …

Midge & Co explains the most commonly used mortgage terms

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Buying a home is likely the largest transaction you will complete. Buying a home can be confusing, but understanding the  most common mortgage terms will help you make the best choices for your individual situation. It will also make the mortgage application process a lot easier. It is important to understand all of the mortgage terms before you apply for …

Sell you home with Midge & Co

Should you wait or should you list this winter? 4 reasons that now is the time to sell with Midge & Co!

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We see it every winter, sellers who take their homes off the market to wait to relist it in the spring. Midge & Co urges sellers to ignore your instincts to let your home hibernate, because winter offers unique opportunities for sellers. Here are 4 Reasons that you shouldn’t be waiting for the ground to thaw to get that Midge …

New Midge & Co Office

Midge & Co Grayling Office Open House Grand Opening

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Meet our new office… We are sure that you have already heard the buzz that Midge & Co is expanding. Well the secret is out and we have been hard at work putting together our new branch office in Grayling. A new office is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a business. We are very excited …

MIdge & co realtors

Midge & Co Support Housing Needs for Growth in Grayling

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By now we are sure that you have heard the buzz about new growth in Grayling Michigan. Recently, Grayling has been known by travelers as a popular stop off of the expressway while traveling north. This is all about to change and Midge & co is excited for this area as it was formerly a lumber boom-town ! New Growth …