Guide to Higgins Lake Area

Discover Higgins Lake, Mi with your Friends at Midge & Co

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  In our last blog, your friends at Midge & co told you all about things to do in Houghton Lake this week we are heading a bit north to talk about Higgins Lake area! Relax and unwind as we tell you all about the area. Feel free to daydream about making memories in your new cottage up north, we …

Staging tips for outdoors

Spring Outdoor Staging Tips from Midge & Co

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Midge & Co is happy that spring appears to finally be here! Spring is the prime selling season and as a real estate broker, I am frequently asked by sellers how they should stage the outside of a house when listing it in the market. The answer is that first impressions count big time! Curb appeal should not be underestimated, …

5 steps to your vacation home

5-Steps for Buying Your Up North Vacation Home

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Everyone has their reason to come up north, step away from the hustle of life and enjoy a laid back, quiet, just simple family fun time! But as you pack your up north gear & kids into the car to head to your favorite up-north resort for the umpteenth time, you may think how much easier life would be if …

Buyers Guide For First Time Home Buyers

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Owning a home is the American dream, but it’s also the largest investment most of us will ever make! That’s why Midge & Co put together our 2017 first time buyers guide. We want you going into buying a home knowing what is and isn’t required, this buyers guide is just what you need. If you are currently renting now …

Life on the ausable river

Life on the River

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Have you noticed that strange orange thing in the sky? The sun has decided to come back to Northern Michigan and it brought with it some warmer weather! This recent warm up has really got us excited for spring and summer and all the wonderful recreational activities to come. The Michigan north offers many opportunities for the hunting sportsman but …

Tips to sell your home faster

Tips to Prepare Your House to Sell

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Every one selling a home wants it to bring top dollar and sell fast. It isn’t luck that makes that happen. It takes careful planning, the right broker, and sprucing up your home inside and out! One of the biggest sale killers is choosing the wrong broker. Your broker needs to be one who is innovative and tech-savvy.They need to …

The Best Michigan Lakefront Living Has to Offer – Get to Know Houghton and Higgins Lakes

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Looking for a beautiful new lakefront home in Northern Michigan? Roscommon County is home to two of Michigan’s most beautiful lakes, Houghton Lake and Higgins Lake. But to many, the history of these two lakes, one of which is the largest inland lake in the entire state, is largely unknown. As one of Northern Michigan’s premier real estate agencies, our …

Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

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Choosing whether to rent or own a home is not an easy decision. It requires you to carefully examine the factors and costs associated with each option. Which is better? That depends. Your unique economic situation, lifestyle and goals play the largest part in deciding what is better for you. It’s important to go into your calculations with open eyes. …

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying a Home

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The last thing in the world you would ever want is to spend a bunch of time searching for a home, finding that perfect place and then not being approved for your mortgage. There are also many common mistakes homebuyers make that could make the process much more painful than it has to be. We’re writing this article because we …